Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hardanger Table Runner.

Well, it's finally finshed, and I'm pretty pleased with the final creation.  I started this table runner in September 2012 for my daughter.  She has a lovely Duchess (dressing table) and she had mentioned that a table runner would be nice! 

So I found a piece of linen that was just about the right size and set about looking for a pattern.  You probably know me pretty well by now, and you'll know that I can't possibly stick to a pattern stitch for stitch.  I found the star motif in one of my hardanger books and liked it alot.  So I started in the centre and then had to come up with a complimentary motif to fit inbetween. 

So, here's the final piece - I've photographed it on my dining table to give the effect of the timber behind it.  I would have liked to have finished it with a more appealing border, but as usual, I ran out of fabric space and had to make do with a simple buttonhole edging.


  1. You are to be congratulated on your patience. I would have gotten started, to have another UFO. If you told me it was made 100 years ago, I would believe you. Beautiful. May it be here 100 years from now.

  2. It looks wonderful Judie; you are so clever!

  3. Hardanger is a beautiful embroidery.You have made a beautiful piece of work. It amazes me how you did it so quickly.I am sure you daughter will cherise it.

  4. You amaze me with your talent and how much you give to others and your family. Thanks