Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I've been busy making some little baby shoes for our Sunshine Linus stall in August.  You will probably know that I have a few little fettishes, and baby shoes is one of them.  Anyway......

I've made these three pairs, but have found it difficult deciding on a way to close them up.  The pattern calls for ribbon and in the above photo you can see that's what I've used.  These shoes were made of quilting fabric on the outside and felt on the inside.  They're soft, but perhaps not soft enough.  I stitched the ribbon onto the shoe, using a decorative embroidery stitch.  Not entirely happy with them.

These pink ones are made from felt both inside and out, and I embroidered some pretty stitches to hold them together.  I'm really pleased with the result, but still can't get an idea for closing them up.

And finally, these shoes are made with felt on the outside and quilting fabric on the inside.  I've button holed them together and they seem quite Ok.  But again, how to close them up?
Any advice would be very much appreciated!


  1. Hi Judy,
    How about plastic snaps with a small child / baby animal engraved on them, or just plain colored ones too. Or small, tiny grommets, then add the ribbon. Uhhh a few more minutes I might think of some more things. :)

  2. oh forgot...they are soo cute and pretty!

  3. I think that I would extend the felt on one side of each opening like a tab and add velcro dots to close. Or you could add a separate piece as a tab and add the dots. Meredith

  4. I like the comment from Fibre Optics Group - velcro is so easy and fast to use with small children who don't seem to sit still for long.