Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to When Life Hands you Scraps.....

Hi everyone, welcome to my new blog.  A special welcome to all my newsletter subscribers who receive a weekly newsletter from me every Wednesday (or there abouts).  I've decided to commence this blog so that I can show you what's happening in my neck of the woods, instead of just talking about it.

So my first post will be a BIG thank you from Cadbury my darling grand-doggie.  Cadbury got into some trouble a few weeks ago with rat poison and it was a very worrying time.  I wrote about it in the newsletter and received so many lovely responses and advice.  Thank you from me and Cadbury for caring so much.  I thought you might like a photo of my darling boy.

I have finally finished the two baby quilts I've been making for my GP.  They have two doctors who are having babies in the next few months and so I've been busy creating some special quilts for them. We know the sex of one (a boy) so I had to be careful with my choice of colours.

I made the quilts using the I Spy genre.  Here's the quilt for a boy/girl. I chose this paper pieced star pattern and  was very happy with the outcome.  Some I Spy fabrics in the centre of the stars and lots of lots of I Spy around the outside border.  Here's a close up of one block:

The other quilt is for a boy, so I was able to let my head go with the fabrics.  I chose an I Spy quilt idea that I've used before.

  Each block is 9" and consists of 1 x 6" square, 1 x 3" square, and 6 x 2" x 3" rectangles.  You make the blocks and then just put them together at random, with the 6" square in different positions.    Here's a block:

So, that's my first post for you.  I hope you enjoy seeing the photos I have for you.  If you're new to Bellaonline Quilting site, perhaps you'd like to subscribe to the weekly newsletter.  Here's the link: Cheerio for now.


  1. So great to have you in blogland - and what fabulous colourful and heartwarming quilts.

  2. Yea! I can now read more about your 'GOINGS ON'. Sounds kind of stocker-ish, sorry.

  3. I look forward to reading your blog Judie :-)

  4. This is great, now I can "see" more of what you are doing and find out "how" you are doing. I am sure probably not the only one who says prayers for your health and happiness, because you bring so much to us. Thank you for all the fun presents we get every week!

  5. Also looking forward to reading your blog Judi. So nice to be able to have pictures to keep up with what's happening. The quilts look lovely.

  6. Welcome to Blogging. Miss you it is ages since we have got together.

  7. Glad your blogging. I'm sure I will enjoy it as much as I enjoy your writings on BElla on Line. You have the same Blog background as I do. GMTA :)