Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My darling husband and I spent a morning re-upholstering our dining chairs and a couple of "captains" chairs.  After getting a quote for $100 per chair from a commercial upholsterer, we decided to give it a go.  We purchased a little short of three meters and an electric staple gun.

It was so much fun and we're so pleased with the result.  MD did the stapling, while I manipulated the fabrics and made sure we didn't get any pleats on the front of the seats.

I love before and afters and we're pretty proud of these!!
The new chair is the lighter colour.  Yeah us!! 


  1. Good job! Not that hard, now was it? Finding good material/fabric for the job would be the hardest part around here.

  2. Pretty good for a beginner! Now what would they have looked like with patchwork fabric (maybe a Jane Sassamann......) OR crazy patched OR a different block on each seat!!! One could be truly inspirational?????!!!!!